Elections 2024

Get your local election candidates to support the call to divest

This May, local council elections are taking place across England.

Across the UK, local authority pension schemes invest over £16 billion into fossil fuel companies – driving the climate crisis and risking workers’ retirement pots in the process. When it’s bad for the environment, it’s bad for your retirement.

Our councils can continue to fuel the fire, or fund a future worth retiring into. The upcoming local elections in England offer a great opportunity to put your council candidates to the test.

Will you help us get candidates to sign the UK Divest pledge?

“If elected, I will do all I can to ensure the council pension fund ends investment in fossil fuels within the next five years and invests in a just transition to a zero carbon economy.”

Step 1

Find out who your local candidates are

Enter your postcode into the Who Can I Vote For? website to see if there are elections taking place near you and get the contact details of any candidates running in your area.

Click here to see the full list of elections taking place.

Step 2

Email your candidates

Use our template email to contact your candidates, making sure to attach the candidate briefing and link to the form they can use to register their pledge.

Step 3

Ask your friends to do the same

Use any social media pages and/or email groups at your disposal to ask others to take action with you.

Video Briefing for Candidates

Securing climate-friendly investments for local government pensions

Watch back on a webinar for councillors in 2023, where we were joined by green finance expert Mark Campanale to find out how councillors can secure climate-friendly, fossil free pensions.

Voting in the upcoming elections

The Government has introduced mandatory photo ID for voters. Make sure to have a valid form of photo ID with you when you go to your polling station.