We all know that the climate crisis is out of control, but what most of us don’t know is that the institutions we trust — like our local councils, faith organisations, universities, employers and even our charities — are often bankrolling the culprits responsible.

We are a grassroots movement working to take back power from the world’s most destructive and profiteering industry by ending investments in fossil fuels.

Together, we are calling on public and private institutions to divest from fossil fuels and take action to secure a safe and healthy planet for future generations.

Support from UK Divest

UK Divest is a network of hundreds of campaigners across the UK that call for fossil fuel divestment, resourced by a small number of paid employees.

We run three cycles of online calls to support each other in our campaign. Once a week staff at UK Divest run a ‘drop in’ session to discuss anything on your mind. Once a month, we coordinate a ‘Network’ call, where groups can bring items they are struggling with in their campaign to receive advice from other campaigns. Lastly, once every few months, UK Divest staff arrange a ‘Specialist Session’ on an interesting topic related to our campaigns.

To book onto these calls, follow the links below. If you have questions, or topics you would like to discuss in network calls or learn about in specialist sessions, email us using the link below.

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