Ways to divest

Everyone is connected to an institution that shouldn’t be investing in the fossil fuel industry. All across the UK, people are coming together to call for divestment. Will you join them?

There are lots of different divestment campaigns across the UK, each targeting a range of public and private institutions. Use the drop-down menu below to explore the campaigns and see how you can get involved.

Local authorities across the UK are investing around £10 billion in fossil fuel companies like Shell and BP through the pension funds they manage.

There are already more than 35 local groups working for divestment, and anyone anywhere can get campaigning with their local community to kick fossil fuels out of our councils.

Ask your councillor to support the call to divest:

If you’re a student, you can call on your university to break ties with the fossil fuel industry and stand up for our future.

Half of all UK universities have already made divestment commitments, but there’s still work to do.

Find out if your university has divested yet, and see if there’s an existing divestment campaign where you are.

Find your university's divestment campaign

If you're an academic, you will be a member of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) - one of the largest pension schemes in Europe and holding over £1,000 million in fossil fuel companies.

Divest USS is a group of USS members committed to reforming USS and ensuring an investment strategy that protects the planet, respects human rights, invests responsibly and ensures good pensions.

More than 360 MPs have signed a pledge in support of divesting the Parliamentary Pension Fund. But the Fund’s trustees have ensured that their pensions remain invested in fossil fuel companies.

Divest Parliament works with MPs from across the political spectrum who are calling on their pension fund to phase out its substantial investments in fossil fuels.

Operation Noah runs the BrightNow campaign, working with the Church to inspire action on climate change and secure divestment commitments from faith institutions.

Climate change is affecting the health of both people and the planet right now.

Medact is working with the major health institutions in the UK to take this commitment further by divesting from the fossil fuel industry, successfully securing divestment commitments from the Royal College of GPs, the Faculty of Public Health and the British Psychological Society.

Tipping Point UK supports grassroots groups working for an end to all fossil fuel industry financing and a transformation of the economic systems that fuel climate injustice.

Bank On Our Future is a network of organisations and social movements calling on the UK’s biggest financial institutions to divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in more resilient, clean, and fair communities.

DivestInvest is a global network of individuals and organisations working to use their influence as investors to drive forward climate progress by divesting from fossil fuels and investing in climate solutions.