Engagement with fossil fuel companies won’t save the planet

This blog has been written in response to Graham Lawton’s article Why your pension may be destroying the planet – and how to change that, published in the New Scientist on 2 June 2021.

Graham Lawton has fundamentally misunderstood the strategy behind the global fossil fuel divestment movement – the fastest-growing divestment campaign the world has ever seen.

Divestment aims to undermine the political power of the fossil fuel companies, which have spent decades[1] – and over $1bn since the 2015 Paris agreement[2] – acting to prevent and / or delay the transition to a zero carbon world.

By making a public commitment to divest from fossil fuels, institutions like universities and pension funds can send a powerful signal to the world’s governments, helping to pave the way for the legislation and international agreements that will be needed if the world is going to rapidly phase out these industries and ensure a just transition. This is a strategy with ample historical precedents.[3]

By contrast, years of ‘engagement’ with fossil fuel companies – the approach Lawton favours – have failed to put a single oil major on track to align their emissions with a 2°C pathway in 2050, let alone a 1.5°C one now.[4] Furthermore, there are no precedents for a company changing its core business model following pressure from shareholders.

Gabriel Carlyle
Divest East Sussex

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